Monday, January 06, 2003

Iraq's missing nukes OK. They must have had some. The CIA said so. George W. said so. George W.'s lap dog Blair said so. It must be so. So where is it? Maybe Saddam ordered them to be diluted in water, then used to wash his clothes (all he has to do is wash his clothes again, and instant nukes! Just like cocaine.). Or maybe Saddam ordered them disassembled and the smaller parts hidden in camels behinds. Who knows? Could be that Saddam couldn't actually build nukes. He definitely wanted to. But maybe he just got his ass kicked too many times and decided to fund terrorists instead. Who knows? Who knows as well why George W. is so hot and bothered about bombing him and not that North Korean twit. We know why Clinton wanted to bomb Saddam - his intentions were clear. Are George W.'s? Maybe every American president just needs an adversary to beat up on to make himself feel big, and Saddam just makes too good of a bad guy to pass up. Who knows? I just wish the media would stop using the word terror. It's not scary anymore.


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