Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring I got the first LOTR movie as a Christmas present - the Extended Edition. The movie comes on two DVDs, which we saw last night and this morning. There were some additional footage went further in exploring some of the characters, but there were also snippets taken out of the film as well. Like Boromir's funeral as he was put on the boat and allowed to float down the river to the falls. I did't get the removal of that. They added the scenes where the fellowship were given gifts from the elves - which was cool, but they didn't show Sam receiving the seeds that he uses in the end of the third book. Which implies a few things: they haven't shot that part of the story, and it's therefore not going to make it into the third movie. Or, they've shot it, and may include it in some super-extended version of the trilogy, which means they want people to buy the entire trilogy later again. I know this is going to happen anyway. I will feel ripped off if they did that though.


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