Friday, January 03, 2003

Star Trek Nemesis I saw the movie this evening with the family. What a load of @#$!. The movie had good points, but it left me cringing too many times. Starting off with Picard's speech at Riker and Tory's wedding - what the hell? Picard does not speak like that! And him taking a joyride the shuttle and offroad vehicle ... not in character! The whole story arc with B4 ... what's with that? How many other copies of Data are there out there? And must the crew of the ship change uniforms that often? I read the hype before the movie was released - Shinzon was going to be the next Khan ... yeah, whatever. He did not have the menace! The Remans - there was a lot more that could have been done with them, nothing was done! They could have been really frightening ... but no. They left them in the shadows and brought them out whenever cannon-fodder was needed. Oh, I can continue, but why bother?


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