Thursday, January 16, 2003

Wired Magazine, January 2003 issue The January issue of Wire Magazine sports a cover article about video games, and the video game industry. Nothing new there really, just the usual of how big it really is compared to Hollywood and how it has been emerging (over the last several years) as a dominant player in the entertainment industry - don't believe me? Then think about this - what's a major Hollywood movie today without the videogame tie-in? There you go. They're cheaper to produce than movies, and once they're made, you just have to sell them to the masses. What was really intriguing in this issue of the magazine however, was the related articles about the merging of the online games economies, with that of the real world. Things that seem bizarre are taking place - like players turn entrepreneur are selling everything from their virtual belongings in online games, to their online personas; or a start-up firm that hired cheap Mexican labour to earn game points (etc..) in order to sell to the highest bidder on eBay. Where will it end? Who has ownership (really) of the merchandise? The game companies or the people who put hours into bettering their characters? There is also a really good article about China, and it's play to become the cloning superpower. As usual, it makes for a very interesting read. Click the link and enjoy!


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