Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Bloggers @ G8 Wired Online reported that blogging has taken on a new importance in the latest G8 meeting. Protesters who had blogs were updating their sites frequently on the happenings at the summit protests, and their reports differed from what the mainstream media reported. It's not surprising the difference, especially in opinions of what was happening. Protesters have always been marginalized (I personally think they're a bunch of kooks), and the mainstream media treats them that way. While I'm a little left in my opinions, I don't see a problem with globalization as many of them do. I do find merits in their stance for forgiving 3rd World debt, stopping war, not be a total ass ... things of that nature. I just don't see the problem with globalization. The world is getting smaller. Big business, little business, just plain business, is not that bad. There are many more opportunities in the world today than there was yesterday. Stopping globalization isn't about to make anyone nice. You can't legislate niceness. I think that's what those misguided souls who wave the anti-globalization banners really want. (There are the others who are just out for a quick ride with the nearest mob scene, and I think the rubber bullets should be reserved especially for them.) Anyway, check out the WIred article. If you don't think that the face of media, and what we consider news and truth, isn't changing, this might get your head out of the hole (or not - it just be stuck - you gotta pull harder).


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