Wednesday, June 11, 2003

See-thru skirts? Skirts with panty prints? I got this email at work today with a couple of images (click the link to see them) showing women, fully dressed, wearing skirts, but not just any skirts - see-thru skirts. You can see the women's panties that is. The email claims that it wasn't really see-thru skirts, but apparently skirts with panty images printed on them - and this was an apparent fad in Japan. Well, this is a hoax on top of a hoax. Second hoax: the images are from Japanese porn magazines. They're not some fad happening in Japan. I can't for the life of me imagine women wearing skirts with printed panties on them. The idea of it being a fad of Japanese women is probably supposed to entice western males who don't know better. Whatever the reason for the hoax, it's apparently doing the rounds on the net, and coming to an inbox near you soon (if not alreaady). First hoax: the Japanese porn magazines that actually produce these images, claim them to be from cameras using special lenses that allows them to see right through women's clothes. (Wasn't this in a James Bond movie?) They're actually doctored images of real women in skirts, overlayed with shots of women in panties. So let me see here. 1) It's exciting for Japanese men to pretend that these are real images of women with skirts on, taken with an x-ray vision camera. 2) It's exciting for western men to pretend that Japanese women wear skirts with images of panties imprinted on them; faking a see-thru skirt. Hmm ... guys, no wonder women think we're idiots most of the time. Right now, I'd hate to think what Japanese women think of the males of the species.


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