Saturday, August 23, 2003

10 CommandmentsI'm a moron. Here's an interesting one I just found while browsing CNN. An Alabama Judge installed a 5000-lb monument of the 10 commandments in the Alabama Supreme Court building in 2001. He didn't consult with anyone. A suit was filed afterwards, to have it removed. He's fighting it. In the US, the government is not supposed to promote any religion - it's supposed to be unbiased. The judge was asked if he would be in favour of installing a monument of the Koran ... his answer: "This nation was founded upon the laws of God, not upon the Koran. That's clear in the Declaration [of Independence], so it wouldn't fit history and it wouldn't fit law." I just have one question: how did this moron become a judge? Let's see here - God-10 Commandments-Koran ... God has as much to do with the Commandments as with the Koran.


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