Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Anti-Americanism I just read a bloody stupid article in Forbes Magazine. I have never read Forbes before, so I'm not entirely sure if stupid articles are common place. Maybe it's just a right leaning magazine. The article is by Paul Johnson, a British historian, and he argues that anti-Americanism that's widely shared by Europeans, is simply racist envy. Some of the constructs he uses to defend his opinion are ... well ... bloody stupid. He argues European intellectuals envies American democracy. Two things wrong there ... 1) Americans have a democracy. They don't. It's not one person one vote. The popular candidate doesn't actually make it into power. Take the last election for example. 2) That the populist opinion is necessarily better than the intellectual. Just look at the American population. The intellectuals are outnumbered by bible thumping, gun toting, rednecks. This is a good thing for the world's most powerful country? I can go on and on ... just read the article for yourself.


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