Sunday, August 03, 2003

Upcoming Events The great concert came, and went. The arguing continues. Who cares. Buy the DVD when it's released. Toronto is still a happening place. There were many events planned for the summer in Toronto, beside the hastily arranged concert. I've documented a few on my blog, as I wanted to make it to those events. Here's what you haven't missed yet (and I'm hoping to get to):
  • August 8-10: Taste of the Danforth - it's more than just food, and it's more than just Greek food. There are lots of events planned, stuff for kids to do, etc., while the food will not be just Greek. If you've been down Danforth recently, you'll realize that the street is more than just little Greece.
  • August 9-10: The Distillery District Outdoor Art Exhibition - I've never heard of this one, but it's art... outdoors.
  • September 4-13: Toronto International Film Festival - over 300 films, in more than 50 languages. All in one week!
  • September 28: The Word on the Street - this sounds like a cool event. A one day outdoor book and magazine festival!

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