Sunday, September 07, 2003

Europe to IraqTime Article I had this debate with an American colleague at work last week ... what to do in Iraq ... how the world perceives the US ... etc., etc. The US is finally realizing that while they carry the sledgehammer, they will find it difficult to operate the delicate operations of a scalpel. They're asking for help ... even if it's a bit reluctant. George W. does have some face to save. Remember, the boy is from Texas. This is where it would have important if Canada had an army, and not just a few people with the wrong uniform and hulking, rusting, old equipment (but I digress). Looks like the Europeans (eastern) are willing to send people though - although for various political reasons that are nothing more than selfish opportunism ... but hey, the Bush administration isn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth. This is more about image than anything else. The promise if only for about 10,000 troops. It's nothing compared to the 150,000 American troops already there, and it certainly doesn't compare to the 10,000 troops the British have there (better trained and equiped). Not only that, but the soldiers from eastern Europe may be in over their heads - few in numbers, ill equipped, and a little scared of the overwhelming responsibilities. Their leaders are sending them to Iraq to gain prestige ... but the cost may be blood. Read the Time article ... the saga continues, and Washington is again dealing with devils in order to gain consensus and solve other problems. I just have this sinking feeling that all of this will come back to bite them in the ass like it has in the past. There seems to be little strategic thinking in the most powerful country in the world.


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