Friday, September 05, 2003

Immigrants to Canada face a hard time I'm an immigrant - my parents came here when I was young, so this one I can vouch for personally. A recent survey of immigrants to Canada by Statistics Canada shows that it just about sucks to be one. The biggest conclusion for me is that finally, there are numbers to prove what immigrants have been saying for a long time - their qualifications are usually dismissed by Canadians, and they find themselves in entry level jobs in sales or general labour. Alarmingly, over half the immigrants surveyed, did not find jobs in the same field after immigration ... which goes against the work our foreign embassies do to get certain skills into Canada. The survey looked at other aspects of immigrant lives, such as where they moved to in Canada, what kind of help they got, what education they brought, etc. The conclusion states that "starting life over in a new country is not always easy." NSS. Read the brief for yourself, it's available online.


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