Sunday, September 28, 2003

Ontario Election So, we're headed into an election this week, and I've been trying hard to ignore any media coverage of the whole spectacle. I don't need the aggravation - I don't mean the aggravation of the electoral process - we live in a democracy and everyone should exercise their democratic rights - by God, it's the only time the bastards listen to us anyway.
Liberals - 47.5%  Dalton McGuinty
PC - 31.3%  Ernie Eves
NDP - 17.3%  Howard Hampton
(data of the voting intentions of Ontarians, as per the latest EKOS poll)
What a poor and limited choice. I'm leaning more and more towards the NDP - not that I think they have a chance in hell of forming the next government, but because I really have no idea what Howard Hampton looks like. In my self-imposed media exile, I've managed to avoid seeing the man's face completely. Because he's the incumbent, Ernie Eves has suffered the worst of my wrath. I don't like the man. Let's see - his government has managed to fuck up health care and education in the province. They've taken the power industry and done more to it than Ralph Klien in any drunken stupor could have managed. Just about everything the PCs have touched have rotted away from their right wing, capitalistic-commercialization that translated to lucrative deals for their business friends. Don't get me wrong, I've nothing against capitalism or commercialism - in moderate doses - our province, our country, has managed in the past to take that harsh medicine of democratic success and tempered it with some socialism. It has resulted in strong government, with moderate and caring policies. Yes, that meant we debated issues to death, and talked more than acted, but it also meant that more or less, the right choices were made. The PCs turned us into Americans. Then there is the Dalton McGuinty. I had high hopes for this boy before the campaign got into full swing. Then I saw a Liberal commercial recently on TV. McGuinty was talking on stage, and he was being oh, so sincere - and the audience erupted into loving applause as he finished his sentence - and my stomach turned. I don't need to be treated like an idiot by politicians. I don't need to be lied to so blatantly. Let's face it, all politicians are the same. They're like evil used-car-salesmen - and I'm sorry for insulting used-car-salesmen like that. At least with used-car-salesmen, you can see the act coming a mile away - the cheap suit; the "I'm your buddy" smile that tells you this guy is going to tell you whatever you want to hear cause he needs to make a buck. And that's OK, cause we know, and he knows, that it's all just an act to get you to part with just a little of your hard earned cash. Politicians on the other hand - they act like it's not an act. They put on the expensive suit and actually believe some of the shit they're saying - or at least, they want you to believe that they believe. They aren't smart enough to see through the act - the cheap prostituting of themselves to get your vote. It's gotten to the point where I get this unclean feeling after watching political debates now - and a shower just can't get rid of the dirty feeling, cause it's inside - it gets into the bones and flesh and reeks of black-oil-sludge-lies. I have a theory - politicians start out being genuine (yes, I know, you have a few that are just evil bastards from the start), but the political apparatus corrupts them. They all get merged into this disgusting layer that floats on top of the black-oil-sludge of lies. They were all born into nice, caring families for sure, but if you extend a straight line back from where they are after about two years into power, to their families, you find that they must have been hell spawns - only the demons of the underworld could have produced such fetid, disgusting, flotsam, that swims at the top of our society, blocking out the light and relief, that we, the folks below are looking for - and every four years or so, they descend down upon us in an orgiastic feeding frenzy that leaves the landscape dead and barren with broken promises. Good Mrs. Eves wouldn't recognize her son today. That's why I'm voting NDP. They don't have a chance in hell of becoming the fetid flotsam of government. But they will be in the legislator like those annoying little dogs, that yap and yap at dogs fifty times their size - making that incessant noise that you can't ignore, until you just want to kick them until they shut up - but you know you can't do that, because it's cruel and everyone is watching. I want to put them in there to annoy the hell out of McGuinty when he forms the next government. And if we're lucky, McGuinty may actually believe in some of the shit he's spouting, and we may get some good governing out of him for the first couple of years.


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