Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Oracle 10G Oracle will soon be releasing their new DB, and boy oh boy, are IT shops in for a load of change. To start with, the database has been optimized for grid computing - the term used to describe parallel, distributed and dynamic sharing, selection and aggregation of geographically distributed, autonomous data sources (where geographic can be vast distances or the database in the box a few feet away). 10G will also host a web development environment to allow ease of application development. It will contain both the repository to hold metadata and the engine that renders and process the code. For those who are greeting this as a big wow, be aware that Domino has had this for quite some time now - though the Domino database is architected in a completely different way. Clearly Oracle is out to milk the mid-market playing field with 10G, and naturally, Oracle will be going around touting their new inventions: grid computing and html databases.


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