Thursday, September 04, 2003

Synthetic Diamonds I recently bought my wife a diamond right. It was painful. The research, then the search. I was looking carefully trying to find Canadian diamonds, yet wanting to stick to one of the established jewellers, as I wanted the warranty, and someone to sue if they screwed me over. I ran into excuses after excuses for not having Canadian diamonds, and eventually, I had to settle for a diamond from somewhere in Africa. I was trying my best to avoid blood money diamonds - diamonds acquired by exploiting people in Africa, and the money used to fund wars. de Beers. They control the diamond trade, as they've controlled the diamond trade since the Europeans wandered into Africa and started the slow rape of the continent. It continues today. Diamonds are not precious. Diamonds are not rare. Diamonds are actually plentiful and that makes them less precious. It's a supply and demand issue. de Beers has a strangle hold on supply - as they have a strangle hold on third world countries, diamond distributors, wholesalers and the entire industry. I've known this now for quite a few years. I also know that they are the ones who came up with the marketing scam, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend." So, it was with a whole lot of pleasure that I read the cover article from the latest Wired Magazine. Artificial diamonds have been around for a while, lacing many industrial cutting machines, diamond tipped drills, etc. But two companies have perfected a method of creating diamonds in the lab, that are indistinguishable from the ones in nature. They're planning to make a run at the de Beers cartel ... but not to just make money ... but to fund their interest in bringing diamonds to the chip manufacturing business. You think we have speed today? Wait till you see what the diamond processors can do! It's an excellent article - enjoy!


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