Tuesday, December 09, 2003

US-Visit Well, nowhere in the US constitution does it say the Americans really have to give a rat's ass about non-American rights -- so, that's exactly what the US government is planning on exploiting with US-Visit -- the biometric database that will be filled with fingerprints and pictures of everyone entering the US from abroad. The plan is to have visitors names and fingerprints rapidly compared with those of known terrorists -- but who's a known terrorist? And what other non-mentionables will the US run visitors against? On one hand I agree with the Americans -- it's their country, so they can decide to welcome whoever they like -- but with the pendulum of American foreign policy, who really knows how the database will be used, and against who? The US makes some interesting friends overseas -- today's known terrorist may just be someone that one of the US government's 'friends' don't like today. Or the US may allow immigrants into the country, and later decide that maybe they shouldn't have when foreign policy has changed. And what happens when those immigrants become citizens of the US? Does that mean there will be one class of US citizens that are free and not in the database, and another that is? Only in the good ole United States of America!


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