Tuesday, January 13, 2004

American Cars The Detroit auto show is on, and American car manufacturers are planning to stop the 48-year decline of their US car share to foreign rivals, who now have 55% of the US passenger car market. There's a record number of new car models debuting at Detroit this week, all hoping to reverse the downward spiral. Among them are: Cadillac's STS; GM's Cobat, Solstice, GTO, Aveo, the redesigned Malibu, and G6; Chrysler's 300C, Magnum; Ford's Montego, Freestyle, GT and the new Mustang. Some of the cars are hot -- but there isn't optimism that the decline will stop. It's predicted that the US car makers will lose an 3% in car share in 2004. What will stop the decline? A combination of exciting, quality vehicles, with good prices. The US auto makers have trained North American car buyers to expect deep discounts, and that will be a hard mindset to change. The foreign car makers screwing up may not hurt either. But the chances of that happening? (For some hot cars from the show, check out MSN's coverage!)


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