Tuesday, January 27, 2004

The CorporationClick here to see the trailer. Went out with the guys to see this tonight. It wouldn't have been my first choice for a movie -- but I was surprised -- it was pretty good. The movie documents the tale of how the corporation was created -- from its infancy, as an organized way of doing business, to becoming a legal 'person' and through its ever darkening years of turing into a souless, evil, psychopathic, global power, motivated by nothing more than selfish greed, where there is no such thing as 'enough.' The movie is dark and comical in its treatment of corporations, and offers a view from both sides of the fence -- however, the downward spiral to the end of all life on Earth isn't given much of a chance for redemption in the movie -- the little glimmer that was in the movie was greatly overshadowed. It was depressing -- because yes, some corporations are greedy, evil, soul sucking, psychopaths. Certainly a must see for anyone who's interested in philosophy, business, and social issues. I was especially impressed by Ray Anderson, CEO of Interface -- he was honest, emotional, and provided hope. Related to this topic, here are a few books that may be of interest:
  • The Corporation : The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power by Joel Bakan -- the book the movie was based on.Click here to order the book from Amazon!
  • The Ecology of Commerce by Paul HawkenClick here to order this book from Amazon!
  • Alternatives to Economic GlobalizationClick here to order this book from Amazon!

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