Tuesday, January 27, 2004

InsomniaClick here to see some quick stats! From BusinessWeek magazine, comes an article about something we all probably know about -- insomnia. For some, it's a condition that is suffered with every single night. It's something that is also costly to the economy, to safety and to our personal well-being. The statistics in the article is American, but I'm sure that's easily translatable to Canada. 40% of teens and adults suffer from some form of sleep deprivation -- 32% simply cheat on sleep in order to have more waking hours -- I for one am guilty of that. If you're an insomniac, you're have a higher risk of suffering from depression, alcoholism and obesity -- not to mention careless behaviour that could endanger yourself and others, or the number of people you will routinely piss off because of your less than pleasant attitude. The cost in America is quoted at $45billion annually. So what to do? Well, people could address the problem directly -- or -- there are the drug companies that are working on miracle cures. Have you heard of what the US soldiers have been taking to stay alert?


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