Saturday, January 03, 2004

Mad Cow Tracking Gotta love the US. They keep bouncing back with some far fetched responses to problems that hit them. Take the latest mad cow scare. What to do? What to do? Let's see. We could force slaughterhouses to clean up their act. We could stop feeding cows -- well cows. Cannibalism ain't good. You shouldn't eat your brother or sister, so why should we feed our cows, cows? Nope, not the US response. Instead, we're going to RFID all cows, so we can quickly track problem cows right back to their souce and fry all the sick buggers. Why stop there? Why don't we give all cows IP addresses, with GPS tracking devices, so that we can locate them via satellite, and with a browser, our kiddies can lookup the cow that will make their next burger, see when it's going to slide between a bun at the local burger joint so they can rush down there. The real scary part, is that that may not be an original idea -- someone may be working on bringing it to light already. Moo!


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