Monday, March 22, 2004

In Defense of GlobalizationClick here to order from Amazon! Here's a book that I just might get. It's by Jagdish Bhagwati, currently a professor at Columbia University. Bhagwati is a leading expert on economics, and has the experience, credentials and credibility to back that up. In this book, he makes an unpopular, but compelling case for globalization. While opponents of globalization and free trade point to loss of jobs and the exploitation of third world labour, Bhagwati insists that globalization shouldn't come at that price -- in fact, if anything, he recognizes that the only way it will work is for governments to fix their domestic economies -- especially the social nets that will cushion the blow to those less fortunate. He points that the focus of open markets and a global economy should be on the poor around the world -- only by helping them, can a global economy really work. He's favours globalization, but globalization with social responsibility -- and there's no reason globalization shouldn't be tempered as such -- the reliance shouldn't be on businesses to exercise social responsibility -- governments should be shouldering such efforts. Read the complete review comes in BusinessWeek magazine.


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