Friday, November 12, 2004

DUH! (Dilbert's Ultimate House)

   Scott Adams continues to amaze -- where does he get the ideas? From our everyday misery apparently. Adams has tapped into his readers to help design the ultimate house -- a house designed the way an engineer would go about it -- by first gathering the requirements of the occupant. Why design Dilbert's Ultimate House? In Adams' words:
   "As you probably know, most of the people who design houses hate your guts. For example, they know you'll never use the formal living room, yet they include it so you'll have to pay extra. They tease you with a fancy-schmancy dining room, making you fantasize about hosting important dinners for heads of state, despite the reality that you eat your meals directly from the refrigerator.
   Lord help you if you want to get a cat, because there's no good place in your house for heaping mound of stinky kitty litter. Or maybe you want to do some rewiring for your sound system and you realize you don't have time to train the team of genetically enhanced burrowing squirrels that would be needed to run the new cables through your walls. Do you want lots of space for storage? Forget about it, because you used your closet for the home office. Have you looked at your gas and electric bill lately? It makes you want to drive your SUV to Saudi Arabia and start slapping anyone who's in a good mood."
   It's actually a very cool design -- practical, and it works. Hopefully Adams will actually build the house. It would be a dream place for quite a few people. [Thanks for the link Darren.]


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