Thursday, November 25, 2004

Ontario Place and Exhibition Place

Great thing about Canada -- we talk. We're a great country for conversation -- wanting to discuss every issue, no matter how mundane. It should come as no surprise then that we have dusted the cobwebs off David Crombie and asked him, as Chair of Ontario Place and Co-Chair of the Ontario Place/Exhibition Place Steering Committee, to solicit public input into the vision for the two venues. Really, who has time for this? Well, public interest groups are bound to show up -- you can always count on a do-gooder with the public interest to come out of the woodwork. But the other groups that will likely try to make the talks their own are the business self-interest groups that are looking to dip their greedy hands into the public pockets. Let the conversation begin! If you've nothing better to do with your time, you can go and heckle both sides this afternoon at 3:30PM at the Atlantis Pavilions of Ontario Place. The Ontario Ministry of Tourism and Recreation owns this process.


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