Friday, January 07, 2005

Receiving ... by the Numbers

I haven't seen figures as yet that show where the current $3 billion will be allocated across the countries hit by the tsunami, but in general, Australia is very focused on helping out Indonesia, while Canada is making a point of expending their efforts in Sri Lanka. The United States is pretty much everywhere, as they have the facilities to extend the help across the geography of the region. The sheer global impact of the tsunami probably won't be realized until the situation is under some sort of control, and relief and rebuilding efforts become routine.

I looked at some numbers of the major donor countries below -- how much they give baseline to their population and GDP. Here now I look at some of the countries who will be the beneficiary of the help. I'm not interpreting the numbers in anyway, just putting them out there for the conclusions to be drawn -- if there are any that can be drawn. Again, all of the data for the comparison comes from the CIA World Factbook and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. The numbers represent the latest numbers available. Some are from the 1990s.

Population in Poverty266M64M2Mn/a
External Debt$102B$136B$49B$281M
per Person$10,472M$1,757M$482M$1,208M
Foreign Aid received per Person in Poverty$11$43$0$0
Military Spending % GDP2.
 MyanmarSomaliaSri LankaThailand
Population in Poverty11Mn/a4M7M
External Debt$6B$3B$11B$54B
per Person$7,107M$3,194M$1,892M$1,207M
Foreign Aid received per Person in Poverty$12$0$132$20
Military Spending % GDP2.


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