Saturday, March 26, 2005

Crazy Larry Show

Crazy Larry
How is Larry Ellison different from Richard Branson? Well, Richard has got eyebrows ... and Larry, well, Larry is just plain crazy!

In case the news hasn't filtered your way yet, Oracle has managed to snatch Retek from SAP. This comes on the heels of the PeopleSoft acquisition. What is crazy Larry up? He wants to be number one in the enterprise applications space -- but in order to do that, Oracle will have to have a full suite of applications -- a breadth that it doesn't have today, but is getting closer to acquiring with the PeopleSoft and Retek acquisition. Of course, owning PeopleSoft and Retek doesn't amount to much -- integrating the apps into a seamless package that can be sold to the verticals they're already in is where the pudding is at. To do that, Oracle will really have to make Fusion work -- but that's a few years away, and meanwhile, SAP will continue to put distance from Oracle.


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