Sunday, March 13, 2005

Edelman on Google's Blogspot and Spyware

Sometimes, smart people with PhDs are just dumb. Take Ben Edelman, a Harvard PhD candidate -- he claims that Google's Blogspot service allows itself to be exploited by the pushers of adware and spyware programs. His argument is that Google allows Javascript to be used in the headers and navigation bars of Blogspot hosted blogs -- and that feature allows pushers of spyware to insert their nefarious programs into blogs, which then pushes the programs onto users computers when they read blogs. The biggest culprit that takes advantage of users websites is iWebTunes -- a company that installs spywares on machines. Edelman contends however, that "because it's Google, you feel like you can trust it at least a little bit."

Hello stupid? Google can't stop people from having iWebTunes on their site, and can't stop iWebTunes from hijacking your computer if you're stupid enough to click on their pop-ups. Why go after Google? Why not accuse Dell of selling PCs that can be hijacked by spyware? Or Microsoft for making a browser with security holes? Why not blame Al Gore for creating an internet that has spyware?

Read the article from InternetNews. BobBen Edelman has done some smart work -- basically analysing data and forming conclusions -- in this instance however, his conclusions are dumb.


  1. You might want to check on that - is it Ben Edelman or Bob Edelman?


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