Saturday, March 26, 2005


Out-Law, Spring 2005 issue.
The Spring issue of Out-Law magazine is out, and features two interesting articles:
  • Superguys -- think your secrets are safe if you destroy them? You'll think twice after reading this article. You'd be amazed at how your shredded documents could be easily reconstructed, or how metadata captures more information about the whats, whos and hows, of document editing. If you want to keep secrets, burn your paper then scatter the ashes, and never, ever, use computers.
  • Denial -- tells the story of, and interviews Aaron Caffrey, who in 2003, was taken to court over a DoS attacked launched from his computer. He got off, despite the evidence that his computer was the one that launched the attack. His defence: he didn't do it. Anyone could have gained control over his computer to launch the attack. The article isn't interesting for the interview or the profile of the case -- it's interesting for what its portrayal of the preparedness of laws and law enforcement officials in combatting cyber crimes. It's the wild west out there.

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