Thursday, September 08, 2005


So, you want to know about Kenya ...

  • Good place to start with general information about Kenya is the CIA World Factbook.

  • The United Nations also maintains good information on different countries. Check out their publications especially for a wealth of information. If that doesn't give you enough, you can always just search the UN main site to find too much information.

  • For the latest on Kenya from the media, a good place to search is Google's news service. You can also get a wealth of information from's Kenyan portal. Kenyan newspapers with an online presence includes: The Standard, Coastweek, Daily Nation, and Kenya Daily. And the final word on media is NewsWealth's index on Kenyan media.

  • Another way of getting the latest information on Kenya is to see what has percolated through to the blogosphere. Technorati is the best place to get the latest buzz from bloggers.

  • If you still need more general information on Kenya, check out Columbia University library's links on Kenya.
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