Sunday, October 30, 2005

Alien Abduction

I saw Alien Abduction last night, and what a piece of crap it is. The acting is bad, the characters are all unlikeable, the actors uninspired, the effects worse than B-movie grade, and the aliens are just plain crap. Then there is the screaming. Every now and again, the actresses seem to remember that they have to scream -- and scream they do. Even when there is no context. The entire movie is crap, crap, crap. Which is disappointing, considering the story actually had potential. It concerns a group of vacationing friends that are abducted by the aliens. We see them being butchered by the aliens, then the lead character, Jean, played by Megan Lee Etheridge, wakes up in a hospital or insane asylum. She's told she's an alien abduction victim, and she's being taken care of in the hospital before release back to her life. She can't remember a thing, and just wants out. It turns out that the hospital is more than it appears to be. Jean has been kidnapped, but she hasn't even left the alien ship. She's still in it, and is surrounded by the aliens. Apparently, they kidnap people, replace them with human replicas with some worm-like aliens driving in the replicas heads. They're slowly replacing every human on the planet. Jean it's revealed in the surprise ending, isn't human -- she's actually a replica thinking she's human. The story would have work, if the execution of the film was done without the amateur bunch that failed miserably with this crap.

Anyway, I told you all you need to know, so now you have no reason to watch the movie.

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  1. While in general I agree that there's not much worth seeing in the movie once you know that Megan is an alien, still by seeing the movie you get to see Megan frequently bereft of clothing, and that is always a worthwhile exercise.


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