Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Frontiers of Science

Discover, October 2005.
The latest issue of Discover Magazine features 50-pages of the Frontiers of Science. 50-pages and 25 areas of scientific exploration that presents "groundbreaking research, where tangible results meet tantalizing possibilities." It is some very neat science presented for a general audience in easy to digest bits of prose, clearly illustrated by informative graphics. For the casual science reader, or those with an active intellect, the special report is a nice little treat.

The topics covered are:
Archeology, virtual digging at a fabled site; Behavior, can Flu bring on psychosis?; Climate, no easy way out of the greenhouse; Cosmology, Data, what patterns lie in our growing mass of data?; Energy, the promise of pond scum; Fertility, ready when you are; Genomics, hapmaps link disease, genes; Geophysics, the moon inside Earth; Gravity, tabletop physics; Human Origins, digital ancestors walk again; Infectious Diseases, keeping ahead of bacteria and viruses; Longevity, could a pill add decades to your life?; Materials, stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age. Now what?; Microelectronics, new spin on circuitry goes beyond transistors; Nanotechnology, tiny bots make muscle and bone; Nutrition, nutritional genomics makes diets personal; Oceanography, 20,000 probes under the sea; Paleontology, soft tissue from dinosaurs; Planets, gravitational tug leads us to Earth II; Science Education, a quantam leap for schools; Sex, sex chromosomes linked to human intelligence; Space Travel, probes that hop, bounce, and roll across Mars; The Brain, the bionic age begins; and, Tissue Engineering, to grow new organs.


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