Thursday, October 13, 2005


Ahh ... classic sleaze from the 70s! I watched Pigs the other night, and it was actually watchable -- kind of like the way you stare at something for a while, not realizing what it is, and when you do, you go "Eewww!" -- turn away, but it's too late, it's been burned into your retina -- into your brain. That's the kind of movie it is.

The plot is fairly simple. There are pigs, and they eat people. Around that plot is a force-fed storyline, revolving around Lynn, who has escaped from a mental institution after she murdered her father for raping her. What isn't explained, is why she continues to profess her love for him, and keeps calling him on the phone and talking to him. I guess that's the crazy in Lynn. She escapes to a small town, where she gets a job as a waitress from a weird old man named Zambrini -- who, rumour has it, died and came back from the dead. Zambrini feels charitable for Lynn, and provides her with room & board as part of the job. But he ain't too much of a nice guy either. He farms pigs on the side, and at night, he feeds them the bodies of the recently deceased that he's dug up from the local cemetery. When Lynn starts killing, Zambrini doesn't question, and instead disposes of the bodies in the pig pen. Zambrini is crazy, however, Lynn just might be more crazy that he is.

Next time you sit down for some pork, you should wonder what the pig that came before it had. You never know. The movie isn't scary, frightening, or even freaky. It's weird, has passable actors, but bad cinematography and sound. It could have been made scary by ringing up the tension, getting a real musical score and making Lynn and Zambrini a little more menacing. Oh well ...


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