Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Future of Africa

This is a discussion of young African social activists, that occurred after the Pop!Tech conference. The talk was about PopTech, Technology, and Technology in Africa -- and what does Africa need in terms of development. I was surprised by the number of panelists that were highly educated, technologically savvy -- a number of them were bloggers -- and a number of them women. The panelists were: Clement M. Bwalya, Khaddiatou Diedhiou Diop, Elleni Muluneh Gebremariam, David Gyewu, Brian Longwe, Ndesanjo Macha, Neema Mgana, Lydia Muchodo, Emeka Okafor, Ory Okollah, Rotimi Olawale & Eric Osiakwan.

For those who've forgotten the continent of Africa, take a listen to this podcast hosted by IT Conversations. You'll be surprised by the bright individuals coming out of Africa that wants to make a difference. These are smart people -- people reaching out to the world from Africa, for Africa. These are not people just looking for opportunities to leave Africa -- they are individuals looking to make a difference to Africa. It's an interesting discussion to listen to. There are two parts of the discussion, each running over an hour.

The Future of Africa
Hosted by Pop!Tech, Grand Challenges, Oct. 19-22, 2005: Camden, Maine
Moderated by David Kirkpatrick of Fortune Magazine.
"Africa, in the United States is the forgotten continent." -- David Kirkpatrick.

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  1. Reality is that Africa will remain the forgotten continent, so long as imbaciles like Mugabe continue to rule countries within it. Visit white-african to read more


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