Thursday, February 02, 2006

Career Model

It's that time of the year at work, and naturally, I continue to be behind -- on performance reviews that is. Last year I came up with the model above to help my team understand a horizontal career progression. We're all familiar with climbing the ladder to get to the top -- but how do you achieve progression in an environment where there is no upward mobility? Folks with technical specialities for example don't have far to go -- especially if they don't want to move into management positions or take on the responsibilities for a team. This model is just something I came up with. I'm sure there are others other there built by academia or consulting groups. I didn't have the chance to go looking for one -- I was struggling to explain to my staff how they can progress horizontally, keep having new experiences, learn new skills and grow themselves. This works for me. It may work for you too.

If you want the detailed explanation of the model, contact me. If you want to use it, get the PDF version. It's free!


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