Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Creationists Lower Standards in Higher Education

Creationists are going to university now -- to take science, and are failing since they're arguing that Darwin got it wrong. Freshly brainwashed by religion, these students show up to British classes already knowing the scientific fact, that God created the world and people, as explained in the Bible and Qur'an. It's disturbing that students studying biology -- medicine -- don't believe evolution is real, because passages from the Bible and Qur'an tells them it God created everything.
There is no scientific evidence for it [Darwin's Origin of Species]. It's only a theory. Man is the wonder of God's creation. -- Muslim Medical Student.

This worrying trend has got the UK's Royal Society up in arms. They've decided not to sit back, but to confront the situation first-hand. Geneticist Steve Jones will be delivering a lecture on creationism and evolution at their next meeting -- and he's challenging proponents of creationism to debate the issue with him.
There is an insidious and growing problem. It's a step back from rationality. They (the creationists) don't have a problem with science, they have a problem with argument. And irrationality is a very infectious disease as we see from the United States. -- Steve Jones


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