Monday, February 13, 2006

Doom the Movie

I recently saw Doom, starring the Rock. It's a movie trying to capitalize on the video game. I guess id wanted to make some more money off the franchise, and Hollywood, lacking any good ideas slapped something together. Put a big name action star, with lots of guns, monsters, special effects and Mars, and the result would be something called Total Recall -- I mean, Doom! While Total Recall had a story, Doom was totally lacking one. It's about a bunch of tough guys, testosterone seeping from their pores, sent to investigate what went wrong on a Martian colony. Apparently genetic engineering gone awry is the problem. The results: zombies (and innocent bystanders) getting shot.

It's no different from the video game. Which is the problem -- as it's no fun watching someone else play the game. If you lower your expectations, this is a passable action flick.


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