Sunday, February 19, 2006

God Doesn't Exist

... but the dangerous combination of the stupid and religious, does -- and they've managed to claim more lives in the name of their absent gods than the gods themselves have. I'm now firmly on the opinion that true-believers are the ones placed here on Earth to bring about the Apocalypse.

I will now pick on the Islamic fanatics -- because, really, they're so easy to pick on. According to news reports, Iran is heading rapidly towards a confrontation with the rest of the world. At a conference in Tehran, titled, “Analysis of ways to act against the offensive of Global Blasphemy" -- an event to mark the anniversary of the Ayatollah Khomeini's call for the murder of Salman Rushdie -- Mohammad-Ali Samadi, spokesman for the Headquarters to Commemorate the Martyrs of the Global Islamic Movement, an Iranian government-orchestrated campaign to recruit suicide bombers, said that more that 52,000 “volunteers for martyrdom-seeking operations” have been registered by his organisation. I want to believe that this is just posturing, but it would hardly surprise me if this, and the associated numbers, aren't for real.

Such statements are made of course, with the express consent of the Iranian government -- and more importantly, the Iranian religious leaders. The collusion of the two have managed to put a stranglehold on independent and critical thinking in Iran. Those that can think for themselves, try to get the hell out of the country as quickly as they can while they still have their heads. It's a sad state for the Iranian people. They are being led astray and abused by their leaders. Iran, since the Islamic revolution, would make a great case study for an up-and-coming psychopath.

On a side note, here's a little biography on Iran's President, and Chief Terrorist, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. With people like that leading the nation, is there any doubt where they're heading?


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