Saturday, February 11, 2006

Middle Managers May Be Useful ... After All

Rick Hackett of McMaster's DeGroote School of Business has recently published a study, suggesting that middle managers may be useful for more than just landfill after all. Hackett proclaims that middle managers serve a purpose in work life, by standing between the executive leadership and the workers that toil day-in and day-out to actually generate the company's profits. Middle managers represent the organization to the employees. They are the ones with the day-to-day interaction with staff -- and they play the pivotal role of translating and transmitting the warbles emanating from senior management. Middle managers are the ones that have a much more profound impact on employees. They're the ones that can inspire or suck the life out of staff; the can ensure success of daily tasks; provide career opportunities; encourage, etc. Middle managers are the ones who build trust and engender loyalty in an organization. They are essential to organizations -- and care must be taken in choosing them for their roles.

I think I need a raise.

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