Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Mohammed Doesn't Give A Damn

Cox & Forkum has a post about the recent uproar in the Arab world over the portrayal of the prophet Mohammed in editorial cartoons. Apparently, the Danes have offended the Arab world in their continued portrayal of Mohammed in the press. So offended are some Arabs, that in protest, they've boycotted Danish products and attacked Danish interests.

I'm of two minds over the whole controversy. Muslims should be offered some respect for their religion -- just like every other religious group. But on the other hand, how constipated do you have to be to be offended by the image of your prophet. Yeah, I hear the crap about Islam forbidding the portrayal of Mohammed -- but Islam forbids a whole lot of other things that leaves its believers stranded in time; backwards; unable to integrate into modern, world society. Islam has lost all respect in the rest of the world, and in the minds of sane, liberal thinking Muslims. Hardline Muslims pervert Islam in their interpretation, and perpetrate horrendous crimes in the name of the religion. While Arabs are now pissed at the disrespect being paid to their religion, they have, and continue to, offend every other religion on the planet.

To those Arabs protesting the disrespect being paid to their religion -- and those bleeding heart liberals that are bowing to the protests, know this: if Mohammed was here, he wouldn't really give a damn about any of this, or any of you.


  1. Oh God! Thank you so much for posting this comment. I thought I was the only one who thought the whole thing is much ado about nothing. I mean really, it is a cartoon for cripes sake.

    I am more offended by the lack of protests over suicide bombings and the way that Bin Laden has not been given up by the Cretins who are hiding him. I am more offended by Bin Laden's mere existance and his continued defamation of Islam. I am more offended by Zarqawi's continued attacks on Iraqi civilians.

    Cartoons don't mean shit to me. Human lives do. If that makes me a bad Muslim, then hey, take back my card.

  2. Nah, there are many like us. Unfortunately, we thread quietly lest a prophet-nut rain a wmd down on our heads.


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