Saturday, February 25, 2006

MPAA's Anti-Piracy Assault

The MPAA is making a major push to bring pirating sites down. They've launched an assault against P2P sites, across the spectrum -- bittorrent, edonkey and newsgroups. In the lawsuits filed, the MPAA is going after indexing sites -- sites that catalogue the files available on the different P2P networks. This is an escalation, and one has to wonder if the MPAA will succeed. Indexing sites serve the same function as search engines. They don't host the content -- they just make it easier to find the content. Even Google can be used to search for torrents if the filetype flag is used in a search.

This latest move is just another example of the MPAA's bullying tactic. The tactic has hardly worked in the past, and only serves to demonstrate the MPAA's ignorance of the technology it's fighting. Wake up people! There's billions to be made if you just get on the bandwagon and exploit the technology.


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