Saturday, February 18, 2006

Red State, Meet Police State

Boise Weekly is running an article on Dwight Scarbrough's encounter with officers from the US Homeland Security. Scarbrough, a federal employee, and veteran, was harassed by the officers because his vehicle is plastered by anti-war stickers and signs. What's the big deal? It seems very clear to me protesting the war in the US is not something that sits well with the government and law enforcement. What is happening to America the free? Especially disturbing is how the officers in question became very hard to track down after they visited Scarbrough at his workplace and harassed him. The Boise Weekly reporter had the most difficult time finding people who would first acknowledge that the incident occurred -- then, to comment on it. Scarbrough was accused of being in violation of some law that makes it illegal to have signage on a vehicle parked on federal property. Meanwhile however, there are other laws that specifically allow political statements to be made -- including the use of bumper stickers, on federal property. The whole episode is just plain disturbing.


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