Saturday, April 15, 2006

America's Secret Plan to Invade Canada

Damn Interesting has the scoop on America's secret plan to invade Canada. The plan, titled Joint Army and Navy Basic War Plan – Red, would see the US launch a preemptive strike against Canada. The plan would have the American armed forces take control of out coastal ports, the Great Lakes and the hydroelectric power plants at Niagara Falls, first. Then an invasion would be launched, targeting Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia. The plan is not to defeat Canada, but to gain control of the country for incorporation into the US.

The American invasion plans were drawn up in the 1930s, by the newly minted US Army War Plans Division. Not to be outdone, Canada also had plans to invade the US. Ours was drawn up in the 1920s. Damn Interesting has the details -- and it's an amusing read. Thank god our two nations have been getting alone famously for a long time. Think of the energy, money and lives that would have been wasted if we hated each other.


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