Monday, April 24, 2006

Children Entertainers Executed in Iraq

Recently a couple of children entertainers were executed outside of Baghdad by unknown gunmen, for reasons that can only be guessed at. The two members of the Happy Family Team, Faud Radi, 20, and Haidar Jawad, 25, were returning home when group's identifiable van came under gunfire. Jawad and a female passenger that was hitching a ride, died instantly. Radi was dragged from the van and beaten to death. The reason they were a target? The Happy Family Team receives a small grant from the government for working with schools -- and, they entertain children of all ethnicity and religion.

Intolerance. This is what has become of Iraq. With the previous regime gone, the monsters that were kept at bay are rising, and are uglier than the one they seek to replace.

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  1. I would love just once to read a good story out of Iraq. I am so depressed after reading that story.


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