Thursday, April 27, 2006

Google's SketchUp

Google bought SketchUp -- a 3D modeling tool -- sometime ago, and has a free version available online. The free version allows you most of the functionality of the pro version, except you can't export to the popular modeling formats, create walk-throughs or use in a professional capacity. So what you may wonder? Why is Google investing in a 3D modeling tool and why make it available free to everyone? Well, a couple of things. Google has created the 3D Warehouse -- an online, searchable (of course) repository of 3D models. Google also allows you to export you model creations to Google Earth -- their 3D version of the planet. Google seems to want help in populating their Google Earth with buildings. Makes me wonder how far this will go. Will there come a day when you will be able to fly through Google Earth, dive into someone's home, fly through the rooms, and see what people are up to. Is Google shooting to create a massive virtual world that is accurate and detailed as the real world? What kind of game is that going to be? Of course, Google Earth is already searchable -- so maybe one day when you search for me, you'll have an option to come visit my house to see what's up. Sightseeing meets voyeurism.

Hmm ... I wonder what would happen if you search for the most wanted terrorist?


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