Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Redhat Turns JBoss to Shit

Got to love news like this. It appears that Loud-mouth Fleury won't be marrying Crazy Ellison in this lifetime. While Oracle had expressed some interest in buy JBoss, apparently the deal fell through because JBoss CEO, Marc Fleury, just can't keep his trap shut. Which is the very reason why Oracle's purchase of JBoss would have been such a great match. The entertainment of the Larry and Marc show would have been too much to pass up. While Fleury likes to think of himself as a real-world Neo, from the Matrix, Neo is all made up. Ellison flies a Mig, drives fast sports cars, races boats and thinks he's an old school Japanese warrior. Ellison would have kicked Fleury's ass any day!

Unfortunately, the match was never meant to be. On Monday, Red Hat, the company that turns open source to shit, according to Loud-mouth Fleury, settled with Fleury for $350 million to acquire JBoss -- quite a shocker, since Fleury's loud-mouth lost him the $500 million deal with Oracle.


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