Monday, April 10, 2006

Video Sharing Services Compared

The DV Guru has a post comparing ten video sharing services that have cropped up in the wake of Flickr's success with digital photos. The site compared Vimeo, Eyespot, Jumpcut, Ourmedia, vSocial, GoogleVideo, Grouper, Rever, VideoEgg and YouTube -- looking at the quality of the hosted videos, the site's interface, community features, functionality and the ease at which the hosted videos could be embedded into blogs. Garnering high ratings from DV Guru are Vimeo, YouTube and Jumpcut. DV Guru also mentions a few other services that weren't included in the review. These might warrant a look at as well. They are: Motionbox (coming soon), CastPost, ClipShack, Dailymotion, and Dabble. To the list, I also want to add Veoh. I haven't used the service myself, but it looks like it could compete. The only reason I haven't used it is because, like Google, it requires you to download a client -- a client that seems to work only on XP.

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