Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hezbollah vs. Israel, round x

I'm not an expert on the regional conflicts plaguing the Middle East. I know only generalities. That's going to be enough for me to draw conclusions in this post however. The Middle East is never going to achieve lasting peace. There is just way more hate than love. What was Hezbollah thinking in picking this latest fight with Israel? Hezbollah may not have expected the overreaction, but they must have expected some reaction. Israel has demonstrated through their past actions that if nothing else, they will respond harshly to attacks. An eye for an eye -- or two eyes -- or all the eyes in a village. It's about revenge. It's about showing that the resolve is still there. Israel has accepted that they will kill civilians with their actions. Hezbollah knew this. Regardless of whether they expected a full scale ground invasion. They knew this. With the provocation of Israel, Hezbollah also accepted that there would be civilian casualties.

This is the what grates on me. Israel is willing to accept Arab civilian casualties and deal with the repercussions -- and Hezbollah is willing to have Arabs die to further their agenda. And what's their agenda? Unlike Israel, which seek to have the Jewish state remain alive, Hezbollah's agenda is about power. Yes, I know that there are a number of organizations (Hezbollah included) and states, that profess a strategic goal of ridding the world of a Jewish state -- especially one in their midst -- but really, that's not going to happen. The mistakes of 50-years ago has already been made and can't be undone. The continued conflicts today is about power for a few -- and they are willing to achieve that power by accepting significant loss of life.

Arabs need to recognize this. They need to recognize that they are pawns of the powerful. They are no different than anyone else who have ever been trapped under the powerful. They are worth nothing to the powerful. They will be used. They will be sacrificed. Arabs need to stop being pawns. Stop being pawns to the politically motivated; to the religiously motivated.

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  • And the madness spreads, as a Pakistani man entered the Jewish Federation building in downtown Seattle, declared, "I'm a Muslim American; I'm angry at Israel," and proceed to open fire with a gun.


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