Friday, November 17, 2006

Confused About Kyoto

The Conservative government has managed to embarrass Canada on the world stage with their latest misleading messages regarding Canada's support of the Kyoto Protocol. You've got to wonder, what were they thinking? Do they really think the world is as dull as the voters that put them in power? Or is this Harper's effort to continue building his niche in Bush's behind? Because if anything, Canada's back-pedaling on our obligations to the Kyoto Protocol has only served to distract the world from the even more shameful example being set by the United States.

Harper's has been demonstrating his diminutive intellect ever since he took over the Tories and started campaigning against the Kyoto Protocol -- vowing that if elected, he would reverse the Liberals support of the Kyoto Protocol and Canada's commitments. Even though the Tories have yet to release their climate change policy, it is quite clear which direction they're heading in -- and their behaviour at Kenya is the latest evidence of where they're heading. The majority of Canadians think that supporting Kyoto is in our best interest, although in oil country -- where Harper enjoys most of his support -- the majority thinks Kyoto needs revisiting. In placating the west, Harper continues to do more damage to this country's reputation abroad, just as his pal down south is doing.

Harper has two more years, and if he needs any indication of what voters will be doing to him, all he has to do is check on what just happened to his mentor. If he's so inclined to match Bush's moves step-for-step, voters will be only too happy to oblige.


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