Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Corporation on BitTorrent, Free

The Corporation, a Canadian documentary on "the dominant institution of our time," takes a look at how corporations started, how the evolved and what they've become today. The documentary looks at how corporations gained legal status as an entity -- essentially gaining the rights as a person -- and takes its analysis to the logical end by studying the institution's behaviour from the psychological perspective. The documentary is engaging. I've personally seen it twice in the theatres. It is also very scary, and may be an eye-opener for those working within corporations.

Recently, the makers of the Corporation have decided to make a download version of the film freely available online via a BitTorrent download. You can find the torrent here. While the filmmakers are making the film available for free, I do encourage you to purchase a copy -- after you've seen the film and if you think it warrants a purchase.


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