Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Fall of Freedom

What happens when you're detained -- sometimes called arrested -- charged, but you aren't allow to know by what evidence -- then taken to a secret prison, and tortured to confess -- then after you've confessed, you're taken to another prison, to be tried by a court where you can't actually defend yourself -- where the laws of the nation don't actually apply, and the case may never be shared with the public. If you're found guilty, you could face lifetime in prison -- or execution. If you're set free, you're not allowed to talk about the experience -- or it may happen to you again.

Reasonable people have been led to believe that this only happens to the guilty. Reasonable people want to believe that, because reasonable people don't put a lot of stock in being confrontational. Shit only happens to those who actually deserve it -- were up to no-good anyway. The end justifies the means. But torture someone long enough, they will confess of being the Tooth Fairy if you want them to. Unreasonable people believe they are protecting us -- taking care of us -- by getting the filth off the street. There was a time when it was the way people dressed; how they talked; what their skin colour was; what their sexual preference was; what their ideology was; who they kept as friends. There was a time, and that time, unfortunately, is still now. Regardless of what we suspect or think or have proof of what someone has done, due process and the law, still needs to be observed. Vigilantism -- even when it's practiced as law by governments -- is still dangerous. Dangerous to every single one of us. After the state -- and their unreasonable backers -- are finished cleaning up one kind of filth, how long do you think it's going to be before they come after you?

  • On Jan. 14, 2007, Americans will require clearance to enter and leave the US.


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