Saturday, November 04, 2006

Sucks to be Redhat

These days, it must really suck to be Redhat. I was at the Oracle conference last week, when Uncle Larry scared the penguins off the stage with his laugh, as he promised to offer support for Redhat's Linux at prices Redhat couldn't touch. Redhat had a booth at the conference, and was most likely in the audience to hear the keynote announcement. Immediately after the announcement, Redhat's shares dropped $5.

Now an assault from a totally unexpected front. Microsoft is apparently set to ink a deal with Novell that will see SUSE Linux have greater interoperatablity with Microsoft Windows. The market gave it to Redhat again, as its stock lost another $2. Microsoft's moves of course, is an acknowledgement that Linux is here to stay. Combined with the Oracle announcement however, it's just another sign that the industry is consolidating around the big players. I expect Oracle will acquire Redhat when shareholders can no longer take the pain, and are willing to even swallow the bitter pill Larry has to offer. Then the game will continue between Microsoft and Oracle. A lost of innocence for the open source community.


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