Saturday, July 18, 2009

Uh-oh ... the Y chromosome is disappearing

The Y chromosome is rapidly losing genes, and could eventually disappear completely -- in a few millennia. For the scientific illiterate and other creationist types, the Y chromosome is what makes men, men -- in the genetic sense of the word. Men, currently, are still an active participant in the propagation of the species. If the Y chromosome disappears, we will have some serious problems keeping the species going. Of course, with enough genetic engineering, the ladies should be able to continue just fine, without us guys.

Alas, the disappearance of males is not likely -- at least not due to the continued deterioration of the Y chromosome. There are many other forces arrayed against the males of our species -- mostly chemical in nature. If the Y chromosome was to disappear, most likely a new pair of sex chromosomes will rise to replace the X and Y. At that point of course, the human species may have ended, only to be replaced by another.


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